A Leader in the Development of Public/Private Airport Partnerships

About Propeller Airports

We partner with airport authorities and local communities to privately develop and operate passenger terminals and support facilities, commercially develop on-airport properties, primarily for aeronautical purposes such as Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) companies, aircraft completion centers, Fixed Based Operators (FBOs) and also related non-aeronautical uses such as hotels, office parks and service companies.

Propeller brings a partnership with a tangible value proposition and one that provides our partners with:

  • Substantial risk transfer to the private sector
  • Day to day marketing management responsibility transferred to the private sector
  • Previously un-tap able revenue streams to the local community
  • Creates both substantial direct and induced economic impact
  • Capital improvements - Funded and managed by private sector

Propeller brings an experienced team to develop and manage these business sectors including:

  • MRO's
  • Business Aviation
  • Aerospace Development
  • Concessions: rental cars, F&B, specialty retail & hospitality
  • Customer service

Our Airports

Propeller Airports is a leader in the privatization and development of airports in the United States, focused on transforming airports and their operations through public-private partnerships.

Propeller transfers:

  • Substantial economic risk from the municipality to the private sector
  • Day-to-day marketing and operational management to the private sector

And creates:

  • New revenues for the local community
  • Increased economic development impact that can only be realized through this type of partnership

First accomplished by former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the United Kingdom, government owned airports including London's Heathrow airport were sold to private enterprise to remove the financial burden of subsidizing the airport by the government. This created a more efficient and profitable venture for both the public and private sector.

Inspired by Thatcher's innovative thinking, Propeller Airports is partnering with strategically placed airports around the country that offer unique opportunities to create strong economic engines for their local communities.