A Leader in the Development of Public/Private Airport Partnerships

What We Have to Offer

Propeller Airports brings Private-Public-Partnership expertise also known as P-3 to airports in key U.S. Markets.

We provide Private capital and management while developing and significantly increasing an airport's economic contribution to its local community and their economy. We are focused on airport properties throughout the United States.

Propeller brings to the partnership years of aerospace and airport related management expertise. Propeller Airports and our partners bring significant private sector infrastructure capital to each partnership.

  • Airline terminal development and management
  • Aerospace related projects such as MRO, R&D and logistics firms
  • Development of non-airline designated airport project areas for commercial and industrial uses that include; Manufacturing, Service Industries, Transportation and On-airport hotel projects.

Propeller Services

  • Private Capital for development of P3 projects
  • Management of the overall P3.
  • Sales and marketing responsibility.
  • Coordination with the local authority and municipality for the development and engineering of an overall master plan for each development project.
  • Provide airport operation services, if requested.